Arch 5023

CAD Seminar - Computer Rendering and Animation

taught by Joel K. Dietrich, AIA

Arch 5023 – Computer Rendering and Animation was taught from 1993 to 2013. The first rendering and animation software was DOS based 3Dstudio MAX that was supplemented by rendering using WaveFront on an SGI Crimson VGX system. Windows based 3Dstudio quickly integrated a Render Farm for distributed processing, and the instructor created a Render Farm from second-hand computers that at one point reached over 50 computers. The Render Farm was recreated as a College infrastructure in 2012 and quickly required a small instruction booklet with a large number of parameters that all needed to be precisely set before rendering would commence. The last couple of semesters the course included rendering and animation using Lumion, which like gaming software utilizes the Graphics Processing Unit to speed rendering.

Below is a sample of work from those years: